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Procurement and Supply Chain Management References

Description from Amazon.com:

Previously entitled 'Purchasing Principles and Management', Procurement Principles & Management 10th Ed. (Baily, Farmer, Crocker, Jessop and Jones) has been essential reading and the standard text for practitioners and students of the subject of purchasing or procurement for nearly 40 years. This new tenth edition continues to cover the continuous change and development in the field of Purchasing and care is taken to balance new emerging philosophies with the proven and established thinking and practice in the profession.

This edition includes: New chapters on outsourcing, corporate social responsibility and e-procurement systems, Well-integrated new material on time compression, global sourcing and contract performance measurement, New case studies plus mini-cases dotted throughout chapters to reflect themes from the text in actual supply management practice around the world, New Research boxes within chapters to link academic research and procurement industry practice, New PowerPoint Slides and an Instructor's Manual for Lecturers teaching the subject.

Description from Amazon.com:

Purchase Order Management Best Practices, by Ehap H. Sabri, Arun Gupta, and Michael Beitler,  brings together the field's latest advances and gives business professionals a comprehensive framework for lowering costs, improving efficiency, eliminating non-value added activities, and optimizing the transformation program for the POM process.

Purchase Order Management Best Practices offers practical, proven tactics and detailed guidance into every aspect of POM process redesign: mapping the existing process, intelligently leveraging new technologies, building a strategy for strengthening the relationship with suppliers, identifying comprehensive related metrics, and industry success stories and lessons learned...


About the Author:

Stephen R. Guth, Esq. has provided negotiation services, as both a customer and a vendor, to multi-national companies such as Ryder System, Dell Computer, and Aflac Insurance. He has implemented ground-up VMOs at Ryder System, Aflac Insurance, and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. He has been featured in CIO Magazine for his concept of vendor relationship management and he has authored articles on contract negotiations and patent law. He is a graduate of the University of Miami School of Law, received a Masters from George Washington University Commercial Contract Management Program, and is a summa cum laude graduate of Saint Leo University. Mr. Guth holds the following certifications: Certified Purchasing Manager, Certified Technology Procurement Executive, Certified Commercial Contract Manager, and Fellow of the Life Management Institute. Mr. Guth also served in the military under the United States Special Operations Command. Mr. Guth is a frequent speaker at purchasing-related industry events, and also provides training on various topics in purchasing.



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