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Using Procurement Process Templates

Purchasing Insight.com Presentation
Hello, and welcome to a Purchasing Insight presentation on procurement process and an introduction to the use of a procurement process template to help with a procurement project.  What's covered in this presentation?  In about ten minutes we'll show you how to use a procurement process template to help to hit the ground running with a procurement project and avoid some of the pitfalls that can be encountered in a procurement project.  We'll show you how to deliver your project to a professional standard, and how to get further support and information for free.

What does this fit?  Let's be very clear.  In ten minutes we can't teach anyone how to be a procurement expert.  However, a process template can be very useful in supporting a project and a number of circumstances where full time procurement support isn't available.  It may be that you're part of a small/medium sized organization that simply doesn't have professional procurement support.  It could be that the procurement project isn't core to your main business, or that your procurement team is too thinly stretched.  It may be that your procurement project is highly technical, and in many circumstances it's more important to have a technical expert with some procurement knowledge than it is to have a procurement expert of a limited amount f technical knowledge.  And for the procurement professional, this kind of process template can be useful in supporting your non-procurement colleagues in a project team.

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